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Available Materials

Choosing the right type of material for your roof is a serious matter! Here’s a simple breakdown of our options, but if you have questions please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Tile Roofing

Long-Lasting | Durable & Resilient | Environmentally Friendly | Energy Efficient | Low Maintenance | Plenty Of Options

Shingled Roofing

Affordable | Easy To Install | Versatile | Plenty Of Options | Safe

Metal Roofing

Long-Lasting | Durable & Resilient | Environmentally Friendly | Energy Efficient | Low Maintenance

The Story Of R. Outlaw Roofing

After being decimated by Hurricane Michael, our hometown of Panama City was in dire need of skilled craftsmen. Within weeks hundreds of tradespeople, mainly roofers, flocked into our neighborhoods and began the rebuilding process. Unfortunately, there was more demand for roofers than the skilled roofers could handle which resulted in shoddy craftsmanship at best and unethical behavior at worst. It was apparent that the market was in need of ethical, skilled roofers and this was what led us to starting R. Outlaw Roofing. 

Financing Options

The average cost of a roof replacement here in the US is around $8,000. We don’t know about you, but we don’t keep that kind of money just laying around for fun. If that’s the case with you then you know getting that new roof can easily break the bank. 

That’s why we are proud and excited to be one of the few residential roofers in the area able to offer flexible financing so you can get your roof fixed or replaced without having to worry about breaking the bank. 

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